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    Smile Pancake is an American type pancake: a delicate and soft dough with a delicious, creamy filling in the middle. The production of the products started in 2011 and has been gaining its current form thanks to the continuous development of 3 years.
    Immediately consumable, non-cooling fineness that can be easily taken anywhere with us.


  • Kakaós palacsinta 50g angol

    Kakaós palacsinta 50g

    Chocolate Pancake


    The cocoa pancake is the creamy filling of our most popular product, which goes well with the silky taste of the dough.

  • Epres palacsinta 50g angol

    Epres palacsinta 50g

    Strawberry Pancake


    With the taste of sweet strawberries, we always have a great snack pancake. Be after sports or before party.